In 1890, Alexander Ehmann moved his family from Germany to Kronau, SK. It was there that they first homesteaded. In the early 1900's, the family decided to purchase land just south of the town of Holdfast, SK. The original quarter was purchased and the land title was granted on June 4, 1904. Ten acres were broken and a house and barn were built.

When the family moved from Kronau to the area now known as Holdfast, a town hadn't been established yet. Supplies had to be obtained from Regina, which meant a sixty mile trip by horse team and buckboard and an overnight stay, then purchase your supplies and head back to the ranch. The first store in the area was located right on the original home quarter, atop a small knoll where the rock foundation can still be seen today.

Ken's grandfather, Jacob R. Ehmann, married to Julia Simon, continued to run and expand the homestead. They had four children - Bernadette, Helen, Jacob J. and Rita. Everyone had their fair share of work in those days, along with the hired men. Times were tough in the Dirty 30's but they survived. Jack's sisters, Bernadette and Helen, married and moved to New York. Rita moved first to Hodgeville, SK and then to Langley, BC. Jack married a young woman by the name of Katherine Schropp. Together, they purchased the land from Jack's parents and continued to operate the ranch, consisting of horses, cattle and grain, and raised their seven children - David, Ken, Jim, Connie, Lynn, Don and Laurie.

Today, the ranch is owned by Ken, and his son and his wife, Jacob & Michelle Ehmann.

Jacob & Michelle Ehmann

Jacob and Michelle have been living at and working the ranch for 10 years now.  They have made it their home with their 2 daughters, Kiana and Lilly, and son, Jack.  Kiana and Lilly compete in many different disciplines in the horse world - Rodeo, English Hunter/Jumper and Western -  while Jack loves to tinker with tractors and quads.
All 3 will be your #1 tour guide when you come out for visit!

Ken Ehmann
Ken was born and raised at the ranch. He started his education in Holdfast and completed it at State College in Dickenson, North Dakota, USA.

Ken has trained and shown horses over the years.
He has successfully competed in numerous events ranging from halter to working events (Quarter Horse and Appaloosa Associations).

Ken and and his wife, Lorrie, have four grown children - Bridget, Melanie, Deirdre and Jacob - and 14 grandchildren.
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