At JE Ranch we have horses, Dexter cattle, and Spanish and Boer goats.
Throughout the course of the season, new calves and kid goats arrive and need to be tagged and recorded, all livestock needs to be checked and herded to new pastures for grazing, anybody who needs doctoring is tended to, fence lines are checked and mended with new fence lines added if necessary, and maintenance is done to the livestock corrals. The end of June sees the beginning of haying season. Bales are made, lined up and hauled home.  Life on the ranch is a busy one!

We offer riding lessons, trail riding, clinics, 4H opportunities, halter breaking, mini/pony training, farrier services, farm fresh chicken eggs, cattle and beef products, and goats and goat meat products.

Contact Us
JE Ranch Inc.
Jacob, Michelle & Ken Ehmann
Box 83, Holdfast SK    S0G 2H0

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